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Atlantis and 3bee together for the "Pollinate the Planet" project

Every project is a small step toward improving our impact on the environment.

Our company has partnered with 3bee, an agri-tech company that develops intelligent monitoring and diagnostic systems for bee health, to support their mission of environmental sustainability and bee conservation through the “Pollinate the Planet” initiative. Bees are the fundamental link in the entire food chain and are responsible for approximately 80% of the food we eat every day! Unfortunately, with climate change, pesticides, parasites and predators, our little friends are having a hard time. That is why 3bee is committed to protecting them and helping beekeepers by “adopting a hive” and equipping it with HiveTech technology.

What are the benefits of adoption?

The project has a major environmental impact that directly affects the protection of biodiversity.

Thanks to the HiveTech device, 300,000 bees will be protected and 300 million flowers will be pollinated. The project also has a strong social impact, providing the beekeeper with a device that reduces costs and management time by up to 70%, increases honey production by up to 20% and reduces bee mortality by an incredible 30%!

For our oasis, we have chosen to help a local beekeeper in Caorle (Venice). We can monitor the impact generated by the apiary, the bees protected and the flowers pollinated.

The project also gave us the opportunity to learn a lot about these small but essential friends and to tell a story of passion, work, technology and love for the planet.

> Discover the page dedicated to our oasis.

300 Mln/year
with HiveTech technology
social impact of €1000/year
150 kg/year
HONEY for our company

*estimated average quantity that depends on the trend of the season

Some curiosities about bees

In a single flight, a bee visits up to 100 flowers. To produce 1 kg of honey, a bee would have to fly 150,000 km (4 times around the world!) and visit about 2,737,500 flowers!

Bees have amazing flight capabilities. In flight, they can reach speeds of 24 km/h and flap their wings more than 200 times per second.

Their talent as pollinators allows us to have about 70% of the fruits and vegetables on our tables. In addition, about 90% of wild plants and flowers need their help to reproduce.

Why do they collect pollen? In fact, it is the only source of protein in their diet and is essential to nourish the brood and ensure its proper development.

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