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Our Team

Alessandro Colle Tiz


Federico Pasini

Brand & Sales Director

Jacopo Albonetti

Business Developer

Sebastiano Szalaiszter

Business Developer

Lara Gobbo

Business Developer

Vanessa Babbo

Senior Key Account Manager

Giada Giacomel

Key Account Manager

Giulia Moncalvi

Key Account Manager

Silvia Pallaro

Country Manager North America

Elisa Miotto

Head of Merchandising

Silvia Marson

Senior Merchandiser

Alessia Danieli

Senior Merchandiser

Claudia Camporese

Fashion Merchandiser

Roberta Trevisiol

Fashion Merchandiser

Alice Cavezzan

Junior Fashion Merchandiser

Valeria Rubin


Simon Baldo


Giorgia Lunardelli

Junior Merchandiser

Sonia Pittui

Back Office Specialist

Lisa Andreon

Senior Product Designer

Karin Sala

Product Designer

Lorenzo Di Costanzo

Junior Product Designer

Riccardo Prosdocimo

Business Information Manager

Massimo Angelico

Software Developer Manager

Eugenio Franchin

Full Stack Developer

Gianluca Tardio

Front End Developer

Matteo Fregonese

Junior Full Stack Developer

Nadine Poletto

Marketing & Communication Manager

Angelo Ferrari

Trade Marketing Specialist

Morena Vukobratovic

Marketing & Sustainability Specialist

John Sala

Graphic Designer

Carla Antinucci

Senior Buyer and Product Manager

Maria Bornacin

Junior Buyer & Product Specialist

Elisa Pavan

Product & Sustainability Manager

Valentina Furlan

Quality Control Manager

Alessandra Patti

HR & CSR Specialist

Francesca Dalla Pria

Environmental Specialist

Angela Belloni

Logistics Manager

Simonetta Mazzon

Outbound Specialist

Kimberly Mei

Outbound Specialist

Serena Ferro

Accountant Manager

Monica Querin

Accountant Specialist

Giada Ferrazzo

Junior Accountant

Giorgia Rotelli

Economic & Financial Controller

Stefano Bincoletto

Warehouse Coordinator

Samuele Visentin

Warehouse Operator

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