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Headwearevolution: our promise for products and materials

We believe sustainability starts with a mindset. A natural evolution that goes beyond the product and encompasses everything we do. With the slogan Headwearevolution, we wanted to make ourselves the bearers of this promise, and in 2018 we made our first hats with low environmental impact materials. From that moment on, we decided to develop a strategy that would revolutionize all our products, without exception, transforming them into models made with organic and recycled materials (so-called preferred), while remaining faithful to the design and quality.

Preferred fabrics

Discover the eco-friendly fabrics we use in our products

Organic and recycled accessories

Our alternative labels and patches

Recycled TPU

Decorations made from crushed recycled chips create a unique and original pattern and help reduce the use of virgin material.

Vegan alternative to leather: corn-based fabric

The fermentation of vegetable sugar derived from maize is used to make bio-based textile products and applications such as patches or labels.

Cruelty-free alternative: plant fibre fabric

Combination of wood pulp and RPET used for patches and applications as an alternative to real leather.

Recycled velvet

The soft, lustrous and elegant vintage look of velvet comes from the recycling process.

Recycled felt

Recycled felt consists of condensed fibers that have been compressed, making it a durable material with a dense consistency.

Alternative to recycled PU leather

Recycled PU is an alternative to leather made from recycled polyester with the same look and feel.

Recycled woven labels

Soft-touch labels made from woven recycled polyester threads that reproduce your brand logo.

Recycled embroidery

100% RPET embroidery thread, ideal for sustainable customization with a flat or 3D design.

Apple skin labels

Labels made from the recovery of apple peel waste cultivated in Alto Adige/Südtirol (Italy). For every kg of waste used, 5.28 kg of CO2 is saved compared to classic PU (source:

Recycled silicone patches

A low-impact alternative to the popular silicone patches that combines recycled material with rubber to give your decorations a colorful and random effect.

Recycled polyester patches

RPET twill fabric patches that can be customized with a recycled polyester embroidered logo.


Cork is a vegetable fiber that gives your accessory a natural look thanks to its soft oak texture.

Recycled polyester buckram

Recycled polyester inner reinforcement that is bonded to the fabric of the front panels of a baseball cap to give it structure.

Recycled rubber velcro closures

Soft recycled rubber velcro closure (recycled polyurethane).

Recycled plastic snapback closures

The classic adjustable closure made from recycled plastic.

Recycled Dry-Tech

Breathable, recycled polyester band on the inside of the cap that wicks perspiration away from the skin and dries quickly.

Organic and recycled accessories

Our alternative labels and patches

Our framework as a compass

We have an ambitious goal: to produce 100 percent of Atlantis products with reduced environmental impact characteristics by 2025. To achieve this goal, we have developed the Product Sustainability Framework, a guiding document that outlines four sustainability principles that should guide our sourcing and manufacturing decisions to reduce our environmental impact.

Beyond fabric:
other materials and treatments for beat impact

Collection after collection, we go beyond the selection of eco-friendly fabrics and extend the choice of preferred materials to other elements of our hats.

The goal is to convert more and more components into recycled alternatives. With the ’24 collection, for example, our new visors are in line with this: thanks to our collaboration with Retraze®, we recover plastic bottles and fishing nets to obtain new materials for our creations.


Investment in quality and performance to create durable hats

In the last 15 years, production in the fashion industry has doubled and the average life of a garment has decreased by 36%. This is beyond unsustainable.

Durability is something we want to invest in more and more, along with a constant focus on the technical and aesthetic performance of our products.

To this end, we have already expanded our quality and compliance team and will be studying the potential wear factors of our hats in order to make targeted changes to fabrics and processing.


We do not know the faces of those who will wear them or keep them in their closets, but we do know that our responsibility does not end with delivery.

That is why we are committed to providing all the information you need to care for our products, wash them properly, and donate, dispose of or recycle them responsibly at the end of their useful life.

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