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Our passion in numbers
  • 25 years of know-how and experience
  • 10+ million hats delivered worldwide every year
  • 3 million items available in stock
  • 1.300 items in the collection
  • Infinite possibilities for customisation
It means accepting ambitious challenges, as we have always done, right from the start with preparation and awareness, supporting bold choices and virtuous gestures in the future.
It is the awareness of being able to do wonderful things, quickly and at competitive prices. Our strength is expressed through concrete proposals and constructive actions, convincing results and virtuous gestures.
It is the diversity of the products we offer, our services and the people who work here, together, every day. In the midst of diversity, the possibilities become endless.
Italian spirit
It is doing things well and making them beautiful. It is knowing one’s roots but opening up to cultural fusions. Being methodical but not rigid. It is also adding a touch of originality to enhance what others have already done well.

Brand manifesto

Our manifesto is one way we share our culture with the people. It’s an evolving collection of thoughts and feelings about what lights our fire

From the moment we wore it for the first time, it immediately seemed clear that it is much more than an accessory. The hat is something that declares what we are now, but it is also what we want to become. It has a its own language, it is an idea that is hidden, with the visor down over the eyes. Or it is a clever thought, with the visor sideways. It is the rest after a battle and the desire to do nothing. It is the desire to do everything. The cap is an informal type. It always has something to tell and it says it to everyone. He does it with a thousand colours, signs and shapes. Softly or screaming. It is democratic. The rich and the poor wear it. Like five-year-olds and even fifty-year-olds. And woe to those who touch it, the hat is personal.

The hat is all this and much more.

We have done a job of it. Our mission is to ensure that everyone has the hat they want. Because in Atlantis we make all sorts of them. If anyone can think of it, we know how to do it.

The hat is a passion we have in mind since we were born.

Reason to believe
Experience twenty years
Team presence throughout the supply chain
Italian spirit know-how and style at the customer's service
Services and tools: meet every need

Our journey to producing a more sustainable product

Our journey to producing a more sustainable product

For us, being sustainable is not just an abstract concept, but a daily choice.

Projects dedicated to reducing environmental impact, enhancing people and promoting culture are part of our strategy for a better future.

Our Responsibility

We take care of the environment
Aware of the carbon footprint of our activities, we have started using raw and recycled materials from qualified sources.

We believe that the growth of our business must respect the rhythms of the planet and rely on a circular cradle-to-cradle approach.

We care about the future of the planet.
Our company is committed to reducing waste and the use of natural resources in order to create a positive impact for people and the environment we live in.

Third-party Standards & Programs

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