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Global warming is one of the most important problems our planet is facing. The Paris Agreement established that, to avoid the dangerous effects of climate change, warming should be limited to below 1.5°C. The fashion industry, which we are a part of, is in fact the third largest manufacturing sector in the world and is characterized by a high intensity of greenhouse gases, with estimated emissions ranging from 2 to 8% of the global total.

How to understand then if as hat specialists we can become more sustainable?

From this question arises the need to understand and deepen our actions.

For an increasingly responsible production that respects the environment and people, we have set the ambitious goal of creating 100% of Atlantis items by introducing elements with reduced environmental impact, by 2025.

The Product Sustainability Framework is the tool that will allow us to reach our goal. It contains sustainability guidelines and criteria to ensure more responsible purchasing and production choices, which will be updated as we gain knowledge and awareness of the best options available on the market. We have also established 4 Sustainability Principles we need to meet and “compass” Criteria to guide us along the most correct path.

The Framework is the result of a long self-analysis and a desire to improve and evolve. We believe that it’s the starting point of a long journey that mustn’t be travelled alone but shared together with all our stakeholders.

Life cycle analysis/external studies with scientific relevance
Reliable certifications, documentation and sample testing
Traceability and transparency
Respect for people in the supply chain

4 Principles of Sustainability

we evaluate our choices to achieve the set objectives
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