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Every single element or process involved in the production of an Atlantis hat involves a choice and an awareness that this choice can have an impact on the environment and on people. This is why we have extended the use of preferred materials and the search for processes with reduced environmental impact far beyond fabrics. By 2025, our goal is to have all our products in the collection with characteristics that respect our path of sustainability.

Visors made from recycled fishing nets and plastic bottles

Humanity produces over 430 million tonnes of plastic a year globally, two-thirds of which are short-lived products that soon become waste. Abandoned, lost, and discarded fishing gear, known as “ghost gear”, is a critical yet often overlooked contributor to oceanic plastic pollution. It’s estimated to account for 20-30% of sea-based plastic litter.*

ReTraze collaborates with small businesses, fishermen, and NGOs to collect discarded fishing nets and transform them into 100% recycled PE.

Since 2016, ReTraze has been actively involved in collecting these abandoned fishing nets. Through years of meticulous research and continuous improvements, they have established a vertical supply chain that effectively converts discarded fishing nets into 100% recycled PE ReTraze fishing net panels.

The recycling process employed by ReTraze involves physical methods, including sorting, cutting, washing, melting, chipping, extrusion, and precision cutting. Through their efforts, they not only reduce waste, but also create a product that stands testament to the potential of responsible recycling.

From 2024 productions, we proudly introduced recycled visors on all Atlantis collection’s items.


*Source: Turning off the Tap: How the world can end plastic pollution and create a circular economy – Authors: UNEP


We study the best solutions and always adopt new technologies to make traditional treatments more respectful of human, animal and environmental health.

WR-PFC free is our water repellent treatment that keeps our hats dry without the use of perfluorocarbon (PFC) compounds, which are not biodegradable and damage the fabric.

For the inner lining of our hats we use the Dry-tech band made of 100% recycled polyester. When in contact with the skin, it is completely breathable, absorbs perspiration and dries quickly.

We use Aqua-®, a recycled polyester yarn manufactured by ReTraze® and dope dyed. This process, called dope dyeing, traps the color pigments directly in the yarn by heat transfer during the conversion process into a solid form and allows you to save up to 99% water*.

* Data based on comparison between virgin polyester and pulp-dyed recycled polyester (source: Textile Exchange)

Less weight on stickers and tags
for a more essential approach

For the 2024 collection, we decided to limit the use of stickers and tags and carefully select the materials used to make them.

These are useful components for showcasing our products, but they are thrown away once the hat is worn. That’s why we’ve worked first to reduce their quantity and weight, and then to use alternatives such as recycled paper when we really can’t do without them. The research never stops, and we will continue to look for ever-lower-impact solutions.

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