Monday 18.09.2023

Atlantis Headwear renews project with 3Bee for monitoring and protecting biodiversity

Biodiversity, that is, the variety of animal and plant species on our planet, has been disappearing at an alarming...

Biodiversity, that is, the variety of animal and plant species on our planet, has been disappearing at an alarming rate in recent years, particularly due to some human activities, pollution and the consequences of climate change. ISPRA – the Higher Italian Institute for Environmental Protection and Research – recently confirmed this decline; in fact, 9 percent of bees and pollinating insects are at risk of extinction, a situation exacerbated by global warming. This is why it is important to take concrete action to help safeguard pollinators and, more generally, biodiversity.

The partnership between Atlantis Headwear and 3Bee, the leading climate tech company in the protection of biodiversity through technology, is centered on the creation of a Biodiversity Oasis that will help carry out the largest study and research project on bees, pollinators and biodiversity, with the goal of protecting them through technology. In fact, 3Bee provides technological solutions for the protection of biodiversity, activating at the forefront of ecosystem regeneration.

Biodiversity Oases are physical and virtual spaces distributed throughout Italy and aim to monitor and safeguard pollinators and biodiversity. The Atlantis Headwear Oasis consists of a biomonitoring hive that will observe the health status of more than 300,000 bees. This biomonitoring hive will allow, thanks to 3Bee Hive-Tech technology, to monitor environmental parameters useful for analyzing the surrounding biodiversity and the health of pollinating insects. We have chosen to create our Biodiversity Oasis starting from Veneto, the region where our Italian headquarters is located, to strengthen the link with the territory by contributing to the protection and regeneration of local biodiversity.

Anyone can help populate our Oasis through the adoption of additional hive parts to monitor its development or through the planting of nectariferous trees. In addition, on the Atlantis Headwear Oasis webpage you can view the map and monitor the environmental impact results achieved through this project, which is part of a broader corporate sustainability journey. Thanks to a scientific partner such as 3Bee, we are committed to protecting biodiversity, the loss of which is one of the most urgent emergencies, and to raising awareness among employees, customers and stakeholders about this important issue that deserves more and more attention.

We are proud to renew our regeneration project for the second consecutive year, contributing to the largest study on bees, pollinating insects, and biodiversity.

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