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Diamonds Shape Sticker

UPF 50+
With the Ultraviolet Protection Factor, the rays are absorbed and blocked by the fabric and the skin under the cap is optimally protected.
Bonded Visor
Thermo-adhesive application of fabric on the visor, without seams
Dye Free
Sustainable technology that dyes fabrics by heat transferring the colour, avoiding the emission of dyes into water.
Fully Recycled
An important step in terms of sustainability is the combination of yarns and fabrics that make the cap entirely recycled.
Knit Technology
Innovative fabric processing technique very similar to knitwear in which the threads are intertwined for better absorption and breathability of the fabric.
Mechanical Stretch
Property of the fabric which, thanks to a particular weaving and interweaving technique of the fibres, makes it very elasticated without the addition of elastane.
Organic Cotton
Cotton grown with low environmental impact methods, without the use of pesticides and toxic chemical fertilisers.
Recycled Cotton
Regenerated cotton fibre made from repurposed production scraps or second-hand clothes.
Recycled Polyester
Fabric made with recycled polyester yarn obtained from post-consumer PET bottles.
Completely seamless baseball cap with panels welded with internal adhesive tape
Uni Cap
Cap construction technology that makes it completely free of panels and seams for maximum fit, comfort and customisation.
Water Resistant
External treatment of the fabric that makes it water resistant.

Drop Shape Sticker

Curved Visor
The curved brim is a timeless classic of baseball caps.
Flat Visor
The flat visor distinguishes the snapback family for an urban style.
Mid Visor
The mid visor has a shape that is placed between the flat and the curved one, in perfect American style.

Other Stickers

Process by which the hat is obtained from a single piece of fabric, without seams and panels.

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