Choose lower impact performances with recycled nylon

What is it?

Nylon is a super-performing fiber: particularly resistant, stretchable and lightweight, it allows us to produce comfy and strong headwear. However, it has a high environmental cost: it belongs to a family of polymers called polyamides and, like polyester, nylon is made from a non-renewable resource (crude oil) in an energy and chemically-intensive process which, however, has the benefit of creating super-performing fabrics.

Our strategy includes the conversion of conventional materials into preferred ones with a better environmental and social outcome. Recycled nylon is our reply to the need of performance, but with less impact. It is made from pre-consumer waste from industrial processes, including material scraps that would otherwise have been downgraded or sent to a landfill. Switching to recycled nylon is our way of being less dependent on virgin oil, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and, of course, waste material.

Why choose it

  • Reduces dependence on fossil raw materials*
  • Reduces waste material*


  • Reduces CO2 emissions compared to virgin nylon during the production process*



  • Less air, water and soil pollution*



*Source: Textile Exchange

We have helped to reuse
of recycled nylon since it was introduced to our collection

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