Regenerated cotton: our ethical and ecological choice

What is recycled cotton

Recycled cotton is regenerated cotton fibre obtained from production waste, like the one in our collection (pre-consumer) or fabrics that have reached the end of their life (post-consumer).
The pieces of fabric, once collected and divided by colour, are chopped and transformed back into raw fiber. The final result is reused for the production of already coloured yarns.

Producing a cotton fabric requires a large amount of water, while with regenerated cotton the same fabric can find new life in other products using less energy, water, chemicals and freeing up the land for other crops, as well as preventing the product from running out in landfills.

Why choose recycled cotton

  • allows to recover textile scraps avoiding them from becoming waste
  • Uses 20% less energy **
  • Reduces the use of chemicals, pesticides and CO2 emissions


**Source: BeSustainable 

  • Uses 80% less water*


*Source: Textile Exchange

We have helped to reuse
of recycled cotton since it was introduced to our collection

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