Polylana®: the eco-efficient knitting fiber

What is Polylana®?

Atlantis introduces Pure, the first beanie made from Polylana®, a low-impact alternative to 100% acrylic and wool fiber using less energy, water and CO2 during production.

Polylana® fiber allows to be blended with any natural and synthetic fiber to enhance and adjust performance, look, or other characteristics of the final product. Polylana® fiber can be dyed at low temperatures giving the yarn, once knitted, a delicacy and also a unique consistency.

Why choose Polylana®

Reduces water consumption.
Reduces environmental impact.
Reduces energy emission.

76% less energy

85% less water

76% less waste

19% less CO2

32% less fibre released

Polylana®, not just different but better.

The Polylana® patent offers brands and retailers a sustainable alternative. The same feel and characteristics of wool and acrylic, but with a significantly lower environmental impact. Consumers will benefit from the same quality and the same added value, but with the awareness of making a sustainable choice.

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