We believe that sustainability starts with a mindset, a natural evolution that goes beyond the product and embraces everything we do. With the slogan the headwear (r)evolution we make ourselves bearers of this promise, a promise of evolution and revolution in a sustainable key that starts right from our heads and embraces our entire way of operating.

Our journey begins in 2018 when we started making the first products with low environmental impact materials. But we didn’t want to stop here. We decided not only to include new items with a lower environmental impact in our 2022-2025 strategy, but also to lead to the progressive replacement of all items with conventional fabrics and characteristics into products made with organic and recycled materials (so-called preferred), always remaining faithful in design and quality.

On this page we want to give you all the information about everything that revolves around the product: fabrics, accessories and finally packaging. Our commitment is to gradually convert also these elements and give our customers more environmentally friendly solutions.

discover the low environmental impact fabrics that we use in our products

Preferred fabrics

check out our alternative labels and patches

Bio-based and recycled accessories

we do our best to limit our impacts without excluding any component

Labelling & Packaging

Although the packaging and accessories such as tags and stickers are beautiful and necessary, with the new collection we have decided to make some changes and reduce as much as possible any excess on what we cannot completely eliminate in order to obtain a more essential and ecological approach.

From 1 January 2023, all packaging placed on the Italian market must be appropriately labeled, to facilitate collection, reuse, recovery and recycling, as well as to provide correct information on the final destination of the packaging.
We took the opportunity to optimize and reduce our packaging, developed new stickers and reduced the number of hangtags, which are now entirely made with FSC certified paper.

Our goal is to be consistent with our path and limit our impact as much as possible, continuing to seek out new alternatives and solutions.

Read our Packaging Disposal Guide here.

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