Ford Eco Range
Peculiarities of the hat
Customization silicone patch applied with stitching, woven band and hologram sticker, eco-leather patch with lasered logo on mesh.
Fabrics 100% recycled polyester fabric.
Style 5 panelled trucker with hook-and-loop closure.
Description of the production
Our mission for Ford was to design a collection that was as sustainable as possible, in recycled fabrics, such as polyester and cotton. The silicone patch was also designed with 20% recycled parts, as were the labels and sweatband.

How to customise a product

step 1
Choose the category
Including caps, beanies, multifunctional bandanas, made in EU and active beanies.
step 2
Choose the program
Different customisation modes, with different timescales and numbers of pieces.
step 3
Choose the product
After choosing the program, explore the product catalogue and choose the basic product that inspires you the most.
step 4
Submit your request
On the product sheet you will find its characteristics. Fill out the form to send a request and be contacted.
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