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Customisation Guide

We have prepared a guide to tell you all the details of our customisation, from technical information to product composition.

What is meant by “hat customisation"?

For us, caps are not just accessories, but must express a passion, a brand or a trend.
With our customisation service, you can choose shapes, colours, fabrics and much more, making your hat unique in all its components.

To find out more about how our custom service works, read our Custom Made Book

What is the minimum order number?

For caps or other personalised items:

  • Minimum 144 or 288+ pieces.

For custom beanies:

  • Minimum 100, 200 or 288 pieces

For neck warmers:

  • Multiples of 500 pieces

In the case of complex customisations, the minimum quantities may be higher than the limits set out above. Our Custom-Made Specialist will be able to give you all the information and adequate support.

What are the lead times after sample approval?

Production times may vary, depending on the production sites:

  • For productions in Europe, the estimated timescale is 10-20 days
  • For overseas productions, the timescale is 30-40 days

For specific designs, you can also opt for Quick Line production which offers faster delivery times.
To receive more details for your project, contact us today.

What are the transportation options?

For goods from China:

  • By sea in around 35/45 days
  • By train in 20/30 days
  • By plane in around 5/10 days
  • Express in around 3/5 days

For goods produced in Europe, we use the road network or express delivery in case of urgency.

We will choose the shipping method according to your needs, styles, quantity and destination of the products.
For more details, you can consult the table below.

Can you create graphic images with my logo or with my client's logo?

Of course, you will have our graphic department at your disposal which will suggest different graphic solutions suitable for your logo.
The graphic support services are:

  • Free basic design work performed using ADS software – New Atlantis Design software
  • 4-view design complete with sample photos of the techniques involved. This service is free with order or €50 without order
  • Design with images of the commercial sector to which it belongs (sports, outdoor, automotive, etc.).
    Price: €50 with order/€100 without order
  • Basic design work performed using ADS – New Atlantis Design Software.
    Price: €50 with order/€100 without order

The logo vectorisation service is free for simple logos (in one or two colours).
For these processes we accept vector files.ai.eps.pdf.

What are the costs and production times for the samples?

For a sample produced in Europe:
2-5 days from the approval of the graphic design

For an Overseas product sample:
2-3 weeks from the approval of the graphic design

Before ordering:

  • you will receive a reference sample for the material and shape. You will only pay postage.
  • you will receive the prototype with your logo before confirming the order.
    Postage will be included up to 3 pieces.
    Price: starting from €100 depending on the complexity of the design.

In execution of the order:

  • we will send you prototype photos. This service is free.
  • you will receive the prototype with your logo before the start of production.
    Postage will be included up to 3 pieces.
    Price: €100 for orders less than 576 pieces
How much does a custom cap cost? What is the time-scale and methods of payment?

The cost of a custom cap or beanie can depend on:

  • The amount
  • The type of fabric or material
  • The number and complexity of personalisation techniques
  • The size of the logos
  • The urgency of delivery
  • The methods of transport
  • The method of payment

You will receive the final price through an ad hoc quote produced by our specialists.
Regarding the timing of payment:

  • For samples: payment on delivery (for new customers only), or payment according to agreed conditions.
  • For the production: 30% before the start of production for new customers and direct deliveries from China. Balance of the remaining 70% of production costs, including postage costs, before delivery by sea or by air.
  • For Atlantis customers: regulation according to the agreed commercial conditions.

Payment methods allowed:

  • For deposits and advance payments: bank transfer or credit card
  • Settlements: to be agreed