Atlantis together with Enginoars

A rowing challenge for global sustainability.

This is the story of a beautiful year-long project on the theme of sustainability, sport and of course headwear.

The Enginoars, four engineers from the UK and Norway, contacted us in early 2022 to support them in the Atlantic Challenge, the world’s toughest 4,800km row across the Atlantic in a special 8m long canoe where they have to eat, sleep and obviously rowing for about 40 days!

By participating in this competition they wanted to raise funds for Engineers Without Borders, a worldwide organization that believes that engineering can be a critical enabler of change that allows the planet, including all people and living beings, to thrive.

When we talked about the challenge and the values we share, like sports and caring for the environment and communities, the connection was immediate and the partnership started. Together we designed a sporty, stretchable cap and a comfy beanie, both made from recycled polyester.

It was an honor for us to be able to support and share together this incredible experience.

Discover the next article made for Enginoars
Discover the next article made for Enginoars
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Product peculiarities
  • very soft yarn by Polylana®
  • certificated yarn by Standard 100 By Oeko-Tex ®
  • 5 litres of water saved during the production process (comparison between 60% Polylana® and 40% Acrylic fabric and a 100% Acrylic fabric)

  • DESCRIPTION Comfortable knitted beanie in soft Polylana® yarn. Knitted in two layers with a straight cut. Perfect for both everyday use and outdoor life.

    Why Polylana®

    Polylana® is a patented staple fiber made from a mixture of 50% modified polyester
    and 50% recycled polyester to create an innovative fiber with characteristics similar to acrylic or wool. This blend allows Polylana® thread to be dyed at a low temperature, and gives the yarn, when knitted, a unique loft and feel. It also reduces environmental impacts and enhances performance capabilities.
    What you should know
    • Reduces water consumption
    • Reduces environmental impact
    • Reduces energy emission during dyeing
    Production impact per 1 kg undyed fabric
    76% less energy
    85% less water
    76% less waste
    19% less CO2
    32% fiber release

    Water savings per product

    60% di Polylana® / 40% Acrylic yarn VS 100% Acrylic
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